Head Monster 88 2016/17


This weekend in Bansko I got to test out next year’s Monster 88 skis made by Head. This ski is meant to be an all-mountain, go-wherever ride that works on any given day. Head Skis made this model with the advanced skiers in mind and rightly so. This ski isn’t suited for beginners and will tire you out fast if you don’t have the proper technique. It excels at high speed carving at the cost of easy maneuverability.

Testing next year's Head Monster 88

Testing next year’s Head Monster 88


I’m a 190cm tall, so the test ski I rode at 184cm was fine for me. Keep in mind that these number are slightly smaller for the shorter sets. Though, to be honest I would probably go with one size smaller for the extra maneuverability.

Length – 184cm
Tip – 134mm
Waist – 89mm
Tail – 115mm
Turn Radius – 18.9m

Head Monster 88 2017

Great geometry for long carves


Graphene is a new super-material which Head is implementing to make their skis lighter and stronger.

There are to things you notice first when you pick up a pair of these skis. The first is that the skis are noticeably stiffer than your average pair of skis. The second is how light they are for their size.

Head Monster Graphene 2017

Graphene is supposedly 300 times stronger than steel and only an atom thick.

Riding the Head Monster 88

These skis were a pleasure to ride. They have an exceptional ability to chop through any crud on the slope and hold a great edge. The Era 3.0 profile give the ski a progressive turn and a tip rocker, while the graphene keeps it stiff and light. The conditions I skied these on where a mix of perfect groomer to afternoon, beat-up slopes. In any conditions these skis held up to the tempo and just smashed through any bumps or slushy snow. But all this comes at a price, these are not fun skis if you’re going slow or like to link up lots of turns. These skis are perfect for charging down the slopes at full speed, but no so much if you can’t go full out due to fog or crowded slopes. For those of you who ski in places that get powder snow more often, the Monster series also comes in 98mm and 109mm waist widhts, which are much more suited for powder. The top sheet graphics are also a nice and stick out from Head’s other flagship models.

Head 2016/2017

Some of the other 2017 models.

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