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Regularly servicing the base and edges of your skis and snowboards will improve the lifespan and performance of the equipment. It is something that doesn’t require much effort and can even be done at home or your hotel room if you have the right equipment. Even a great pair of race skis are nothing if they’re full of holes, dull edges and worn out bases. This is why we at Ski & Board Traventuria fully service each pair of skis after every rental.

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Damaging the bases of your skis is not uncommon in winter sports and most of the time it’s a quick and easy fix. That’s why after every rental, each pair of skis goes through the same servicing processes so that their bases are like new for the next client. The first step is assessing the damage if there is any. If there are any deep holes in the base, the first step is to fill it with p-tex. P-tex is the same compound as the base and when heated will melt into the hole. Afterward, the excess p-tex is scraped off.

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The next step is for the base of the ski/snowboard to be grinded by our specialized machine. This removes any smaller scratches that aren’t suitable to be filled with p-tex. The end result is a perfectly flat base that’s ready for waxing.

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But before waxing, the edges are sharpened. This is to deburr the edge and take away any rough spots caused mostly by rocks on the slope. Sharp and smooth edges greatly increase the performance of your equipment.

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Once the base is flat and edges sharp, we move on to the waxing machine. This machine is made up of two rollers, one that puts on new wax, while the other gives it a brushed finish. First, the wax roller is covered with wax from a bar of wax. Then the equipment is hand pressed through it so that there is wax evenly spread out across the base. Afterward, the ski is pressed through the brush roller, which removes any excess wax and gives it a nice and even finish. The wax we use is all-temperature wax, which will increase performance in any conditions.

Before giving the skis to the next client, the bindings are also set up to their boot size and weight. Many skiers and snowboarders prefer to wax their own equipment and this can be done almost anywhere. All you need for basic servicing is a special iron, a scraper and a tool for sharpening edges. Alternatively, you can drop your equipment off at our service shop for additional waxing and let us do the work for you.

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