Snow Check 20th of March 2016


Most people tie the end of March with the end of the ski season. That definitely isn’t the case for me and many other skiers, for which the end of March is just the beginning of spring skiing. And with all the new snow we got last week in Bansko, this year’s spring skiing is looking perfect! Plenty of perfect slopes, a nice park and some serious backcountry adventures.

Bansko Snow Report

The resort is now opening at 8:30 again, but the Shiligarnik parking area is full by then.

There are many reasons why I like late season skiing. There is the most snow cover, the least amount of skiers on the slopes and the best chance of getting a nice goggle tan. Did I mention that most resorts lower the ticket prices as well? An added bonus for the expert skiers is the generally lower avalanche danger on the open faces and all of the new terrain that that can be skied. The slope pictured below is normally prone to avalanches, but the sun helps the layers of snow connect better, thus lowering the risk of an avalanche.

Bansko powder

This photo is taken from the area of the Vihren hut.

Slope conditions throughout the day are the best I’ve seen all season. In the early morning the slopes are perfectly groomed and with less people on them. This is perfect for skiing close to the speed of sound and not having to worry about a 30 year old Jerry cutting you off from no where. In the afternoon the slopes do get a little bumpy, but much less than in mid February, when there are 10 thousand people on the slopes. If you’re wondering what to ski then a nice racing/carving ski is perfect for the morning, while something with a bigger underfoot is better for the afternoon. If I had to choose one pair of skis for the whole day it would be a wider all-mountain ski or a pair of twin tips.

Bansko Snow Check

Higher than the highest lift.

But, to be honest, I skied with powder skies the whole time. The reason is that the backcountry is in great condition and ready to be ridden. Currently the snow conditions are stable (not absolutely everywhere), but a little hard. It’s not the fresh champagne powder were used in January and February, but more of a slushy kind of powder. Still great fun though. One of the favorite freeride destinations this time of year is Mt. Todorka, the peak right above the ski area. From there you have access to tons of terrain in all directions. The only trick is to know where your going and to be prepared. I see some people going to climb the top without even a backpack, let alone avalanche safety equipment. This is just stupid, so don’t go following someone else and expecting everything to be fine. Remember that there is little, if any, reception on phones outside of the ski area, so if something does happen, your group is your best chance of saving you.

Bansko Snow Check

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