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As any one who has ever visited Bansko knows, there are too many places to eat for just one trip. So picking out the right places to eat can be a challenge sometimes. If you’re looking for a decent burger, there are a few good places to visit around the gondola and many restaurants also have a few burgers in their menu. But if you’re looking for big variety, delicious meat and good prices, then Sunny’s 87 is an excellent choice.


Sunny’s 87 is a little hard to find the first time, even though it is right next to the gondola. It’s located on the backside of the shopping center, which is opposite the gondola station on 113 Pirin street. There are a few small street signs that point towards the restaurant, but for better orientation just find the Subway restaurant and pass it, walk down some stairs and it’ll be on your left.

Sunny's 87

The restaurant itself is nothing fancy or luxurious, not that one would be expecting that from a burger joint. There is plenty of room to sit on the bar or table and seating is comfortable. The first thing you will probably notice when you walk in is the diverse menu written in chalk above the whole bar. The atmosphere is nice and the staff are extremely friendly. Possibly the only downside the the restaurant is the lack of built in toiletry. If you want to use the bathroom you will need to exit the restaurant and walk 10 meters to the toilets.


Now lets talk about the food. As you can guess the main thing you can order is a burger, but they also have some other options, such as a variety of hot dogs. There are quite a few burgers in the menu, some traditional recipes, but there are also a few funky ones. You have the option of burgers from beef, chicken and pork meat. The meat comes from a meat factory that belongs to the same owner as the restaurant, so quality control should be good. Taste wise, it is very delicious and juicy. Definitely not a tasteless, dry patty that you can be served in some other places in Bansko.

What extras and sauces would be good with pineapple?

One conclusion many people come to is that too much choice actually makes picking something to eat harder. If you’re not in the mood to read the menu and want a traditional burger, then you can order a beef burger with one, two or even three patties. Sizes are big, so only order a triple patty burger if you are starving and haven’t eaten in at least a week.

There are many interesting special burgers for all tastes. One that i’m still contemplating on trying is “The Elvis” – beef patty with banana and peanut butter, topped with bacon. In the logic of Joey from “Friends”, beef is tasty, bananas are tasty, so is peanut butter. Why not add them all together? “The 87” is also a burger worth trying. You know it has to be good since it carries the name of the restaurant.

My final take on Sunny’s 87 is that it’s a great place for a quick delicious burger. Probably not a good place to take your wife for your anniversary, but perfect for lunch after a long day of skiing. The place works until late, so you can also have dinner there. It’s not a restaurant I can see myself spending a few hours for a long dinner in, but definitely worth the visit if you like burgers. Price wise everything is very reasonable for Bansko.

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