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The Bansko Snow Park is a favorite part of the resort for many riders, from beginners to experts, old and young. First built in 2006 for the Burton AM tour, it’s had many iterations since then, but the general layout has remained the same. It’s a great place to work on your skills, but can also be dangerous if you overjudge your own ability. Over the last decade, the freestyle skiing and snowboarding level in Bulgaria has risen, partially thanks to parks like this one. Continue reading to find out what you can expect this year.

The park is located at the end of the end of the N.11 Plato ski run, on a relatively flat piece of the slope. This year it’s completely closed off from the sides by nets, so if you want to hit the jumps, you’ll have to go through the main entrance at the top and wait your turn. The newly added nets for this year are a great addition, as this ensures a higher level of safety and that no one will cut in front of you while you heading into the jump. The best lift to use for the park is the Plato ski lift, but when that’s too crowded you can take the 6-seater from Shiligarnika and traverse from its top station to the Plato.

The entrance to the snow park.

The entrance to the snow park.

The park typically is open from the beginning of January, but this depends on the snow conditions. Since there are no artificial snow cannons on the Plato runs, the park may open later or earlier in the season. For this year, most of the boxes have been renewed with a new top sheet material, making them slide smoother. The rail section consists mostly of boxes (as opposed to rails) which is perfect for beginners. This year’s setup is as follows:

2 jumps (each having a 2-3m flat part before the landing) -> flat-down box -> flat box -> butter-box -> flat box -> rocket box -> left facing C-box -> down rail.

Here is how a run through the park looks like. If you like the video, make sure to like our Facebook page for more.

Park Rules

Obeying the rules of the park is not only common sense, but also ensures your safety! You can find the park rules at the entrance of the park or read them below. I’ve added a few that aren’t on the sign at the park entrance, but are still important.

  • It’s your own responsibility to use the features safely.
  • The snowpark is suitable for advanced snowboarders and skiers.
  • Using protection (helmets, back protectors) is recommended.
  • Make sure there is no one in the line you are about to ski/board. The landings of the jumps are blind spots for the following rider. Always make sure you see the rider in front of you ride away from the jump before going yourself.
  • Always obey the park staff.
  • Never open a feature yourself. If it’s closed off by poles/net there is a reason!
  • Start small, then go big.
  • If you crash on the landing, the first thing to do is move to the side and signal the next riders.
  • If you see someone crash hard, make sure they are OK and call the mountain rescue if needed.

And one final tip from us: Always get enough speed when hitting the jumps. The main cause of crashes is people hitting the jumps without enough speed. Watch other riders and observe the amount of speed you need, then hit the jumps. Going too slow will result in you crashing on the flat part of the jump, before the knuckle. This hurts more than crashing on the landing, even if you are going faster. So keep it safe and remember that speed is your friend when hitting the jumps. Just make sure to not overshoot the landing, as that hurts the most.

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