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Probably one of the biggest hassles skiers and snowboarders face is carrying equipment to and from the slopes. If you have a roof rack equipped car or a big SUV, then all you have to do is throw everything in and head for the slopes. But if you’re not that mobile, lugging everything across town is a pain. To make your trip to Bansko more enjoyable, we at Ski & Board Traventuria offer a ski storage & lockers service, which you can even book beforehand online HERE.

As the storage space is limited in our shop, we only offer it to clients with a PREMIUM package. If you have booked a BASIC package, you won’t be able to store your equipment in our shop. There are several options you can choose from, during your booking process:

Own Equipment (Own Storage) – This option is for people who have their own equipment and will be carrying it to their accommodation.

Own storage of hired equipment – This option is for clients who have hired equipment from us, but wish to store it in their own accommodation. With this option you will have to carry your equipment back to your hotel and won’t be able to leave your walking shoes in our shop while you ski.

Storage of hired equipment at the ski shop (No boot drying) – If you select this option, your ski equipment will be stored in Traventuria’s rental shop during the night. This means that all you have to do is walk from your hotel to our shop in the morning, where you can put on all of your equipment and leave your walking shoes with us. With this option skis, snowboards and boots are stored on our racks. This option doesn’t allow for helmets or ski clothing to be stored in the shop. You can only store a helmet inside one of our lockers.

Storage of hired equipment at the ski shop (With boot drying) – This option allows all of your equipment to be stored overnight in our rental shop and a spot for your boots on one of our boot dryers. Adding boot drying to your storage package is a great idea, as this machine fully drys and disinfects your ski and snowboard boots overnight. It does so by blowing warm air through the pipes on which your boots are put and sucking out the humid air through its filter above the rack. The air temperature is relatively low, so as not to damage or deform your boots.

As of the 2016/17 winter season, Ski & Board Traventuria has 4 boot dryers available.

As of the 2016/17 winter season, Ski & Board Traventuria has 5 boot dryers available.

Even the best and most expensive ski boots can get moist in certain conditions, and very wet if it’s warm and slushy on the slopes. Our boots dryers will make your boots feel like new everyday. This option is also great for snowboarders, as even the most expensive pro model boots get a little wet from a whole day on the slopes.

Storage at the shop, boot drying and day-time personal locker – This option includes storage of all your equipment, a spot on the boot dryer for your boots and a small personal locker for use during the day. You can leave your shoes, bags or anything else you want in the locker, while you are skiing. For instance, you can bring a pair of jeans with you in the morning, leave them in the locker while skiing, then put them on for a walk around the shops directly after skiing, saving the trip to your hotel to put on something more comfortable than your snow pants. You’ll also have the option to leave your helmets overnight in the storage locker, so that you don’t have to carry them back to the hotel. The size of the locker is 36cm x 36cm x 36cm and can fit 3 helmets.

Storage at the shop – Big Locker – This option allows two people to store all of their equipment in a big locker in our rental shop. This locker is yours to use during your whole stay, so you can store helmets in it overnight, walking shoes during the day and so on. Please keep in mind that these lockers fit skis up to 177 cm long, so if your’s are longer, then we will put them on a ski rack during the night. These lockers are sized roughly 40cm x 40cm x 185cm and have a raft for ski helmets, gloves and so on. If booking this option for two people, select it during the booking process for only one of your group, the other person should select an “own storage” option. If you are traveling two adults with a small child, the child’s ski equipment can also fit into our big lockers at no extra cost.


Small lockers (middle) and big lockers (sides)

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