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The possibility of injury is something many travelers tend to forget until someone in their group is actually injured. Whether it’s a skiing related incident (or drinking related) or you just feel terrible after eating 3 spicy duner kebabs for dinner, it’s good to know beforehand where you can get some help. In this post we will look into the different medical facilities, pharmacies and emergency services Bansko has on hand.

Medical Insurance

When purchasing your lift pass there is an included insurance, however this only covers the cost of getting you down from the mountain in a sled. It won’t cover any additional expenses that you may encounter, such as doctors, operations or anything else you may need in your hour of need. This included insurance is also only valid for accidents that happen on the ski slope, so any off-piste accidents will have to be paid for in full. We highly suggest getting mountain insurance from your local insurance agency before heading out of your country in all cases, regardless if your going on a ski vacation to Bansko, France, USA or where ever.

If you or a member of your group is injured while skiing, the following steps should be taken:

  • Insure that the injured is in a visible part of the slope. Preferably place skis forming an X above the injured. The worst thing that can happen is for another skier to crash into you and make things worse! (If your injury is only minor and you can make it down to the gondola, do that.)
  • Call the mountain rescue team (+359 88 7100241) and explain where exactly you are. If none of your group have a phone on them (bad idea to begin with) either stop another skier and ask for help or send one of the group to the mountain rescue office located at Shiligarnika, at the end of the #8 run. You’ll recognize it easily by the numerous snowmobiles parked in front of it and the big red cross in their logo above the door.
  • If you are skiing alone with no phone, just yell for help, most often the first skier to see you’re in trouble will stop and help you.
  • Most of the time you will be taken to the gondola, where you will ride down to the town and get examined in the gondola’s medical center. Afterwards you will be advised by the doctor there what to do.
  • If your injury is more serious, such as a broken limb, you will be transferred to the Razlog hospital for further treatment

Medical Centers in Bansko

There are several medical centers in and around Bansko. Should you find yourself in an emergency, call 112 for help.

Bansko medical center (Gondola lift; Tel: +35974780780)  – If you are injured on the slope, this will probably be where your first examination will take place. This center is located in the building of the lower gondola station. This medical center also has an X-ray scanner, but operations are not carried out there. If you are injured on the slopes and need further medical care, the doctors at the gondola medical center will check you out and give you further advice.

Medical Centre “Blagoveshtenie” (1 Louis Pasteur street; Tel: +35974988388) – This is a private medical center in the central part of Bansko.

Razlog Hospital (1 St. Kiril and Metodii Str, Razlog; Tel: +35974789723) – This hospital is located in the neighboring town of Razlog. Most patients with serious injuries are sent here, such as broken limbs. Extremely serious injuries may require transporation to Sofia.

Emergency Ward  – (74 Tsar Simeon street; Tel: 112)  – The emergency ward in Bansko is located next to Park Hotel “Gardenia” in the center of town.


There are a few pharmacies in Bansko, however none of them are open 24/7. Mareshki is known in Bulgaria to have lower prices for their medications.

Mareshki 2 – Nikola Vaptsarov square tel: +359879878973; Need navigation? See on map.

Subra – 92 Pirin street; tel: +359882484005; Need navigation? See on map.

Azarum – Near hotel Villa “Roka”; 32 Tsar Simeon street tel: +359885770468; Need navigation?See on map.

Sanita – On the central squre; 57 Tsar Simeon street;  tel: +35974988490; Need navigation? See on map..

Azarum – Next to Park Hotel “Gardenia”; 4 Louis Pasteur street  tel: +35974982161; See on map.

Check out the working times of the pharmacies from the following website:

On the map below you can find the locations of the listed pharmacies and medical centers in Bansko.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

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