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Bansko has a big selection of ski schools and ski/snowboard instructors. Most of them are seasoned instructors with plenty of experience acquired over the years, some are fresh out of ski instructor school. But we often get asked “what is the best form of ski school” or “Is it worth paying extra for private tuition”.

Group Ski School

Being in a group has it’s advantages. Firstly, it is cheaper if you’re alone or with a small group. Second, you meet new people and can learn from each other. Groups are determined by skill level, so that beginner skiers are not mixed with seasoned intermediate skiers for instance. Some beginner skiers also find the company of other beginner skiers reassuring, which makes the whole learning process easier. Group lessons are often shorter and less tiring than private lessons. But the biggest bonus is often the new people you meet and get to know.

However, there are some disadvantages in comparison to private tuition. During the high season, ski schools tend to be very busy, meaning bigger groups (the high season in Bansko is in February). The individual attention that each skier receives is also smaller than during a private lesson. For people who have been skiing a few times, this isn’t such a big deal, as you gradually start to catch onto what the instructor is teaching more easily. But for first timers, a more hands-on approach could be beneficial. If you’re traveling with the whole family and want to ski together you will need to book private tuition for your group. Kids and adults are normally not placed into the same groups as teaching methods are different for each.

There are a few big ski schools in Bansko, the biggest being Ulen. There are also many small ski schools around the gondola area, however they work in a much smaller capacity, with fewer ski instructors. This means that groups will be bigger, if there are instructors available.

The quality of your lesson really depends on the instructor you get, so if your not happy with yours, just ask for another.

Private Tuition

Private tuition gives you the great opportunity to learn the basics or improve your abilities under the guidance of your personal ski/snowboard instructor. Private tuition is generally more expensive than joining a larger group, however there are some key benefits. You receive a more direct approach with teaching adapted to your skill level and confidence. You don’t risk the chance of being stuck with other clients who grossly overestimated their skill level, joining advanced ski groups, when they should be with beginners. Or even worse, getting stuck with other clients who are, well, lets just say “unpleasant”.


When booking a private lesson for you and your group, make sure that all skiers are at the same level. You will be skiing with the tempo of the slowest member of your group, so bringing a beginner into your group of intermediates will slow you down. It will also make the beginner feel bad for keeping the whole group back, which isn’t good if you want them to like skiing.

Booking Ski School

It’s highly advised that you book your ski school lessons in advance. This gives the ski school the needed time to organize your lessons and have an instructor ready. Some of the smaller ski schools may have difficulty finding you an available instructor at the last moment. Booking in advance can also save you money compared to the on-the-spot price.

Ski & Board Traventuria also offers ski school services.

>> You can book private tuition HERE

For private tuition, you can choose between One-to-one, Private Family or Small group tuition. More information on the difference between the three options you can find below. We offer 2-hour, 3-hour and 4-hour tuition with a variety of starting hours for the service.  You can book from one day tuition to up to a 6-day package. For longer durations, please contact us well in advance.
Types of private tuition:

One-to-one tuition: Private ski or snowboard tuition on an individual basis with a licensed instructor.

Private Family tuition: Private ski or snowboard tuition only for the members of your party (2- 4 pax) on the same level with a licensed instructor.

Private Small Group: Ski or snowboard tuition in small group (up to 8 pax) on the same level with a licensed instructor. Keep in mind that the time slot you choose initially is subject of last minute change, depending on the formation of the groups of your preferred level of tuition.

>> You can book group tuition in a package with lift passes and/or rental equipment HERE.

For group tuition, you can book yours through our website while booking your ski/snowboard equipment. Prices are included into the package. You have the option of 2 or 4 hours daily tuition in the package. To save the most money, you can book your group tuition with rental equipment and lift passes all at once. If you are planning on visiting Bansko during February, keep in mind that the demand for instructors is very high, so booking in advanced is best.

ski kindergarten

For the youngest skiers, the best (and only) option is the Ulen kindergarten. You can read more about this operation HERE.

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