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Another week has gone by and another snow report is here for you.
Can’t wait to tell you how excited we are about the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend.
Read on for more details!

snow report Bansko 19-01-24

Great skiing conditions in Bansko for the first part of the week.

Snow and Slopes

The week started great (15.01) with a bit of snowfall on Monday and Tuesday (16.01) nights.
As promised the Ski Road was opened over the past weekend (13.01-14.01), however, Ski road 2 is currently still not open as it is being prepared for the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Bansko 2024 (10th of Feb – GS, 11th of Feb – SL). Also, keep in mind that most of the snow on the Ski road is artificial and there are some snow piles here and there made by the snow cannons.

bansko snow report 19-01-24

Bansko Ski road, 19.01.24, Bansko Ski resort

Slopes on the top were closed on Monday (15.01) and Tuesday (16.01) because of too strong winds.
Wednesday (17.01) and Thursday (18.01) weather was still windy and foggy.
Todorka had fog and strong winds as well. The highest point that could be reached was the middle of the Plato with the 6-seat lift. Skiing conditions were good and the tracks were groomed with no icy parts. However, nothing was working from Intermediate Station down and yet, despite the snow from Monday and Tuesday, there were dark spots here and there.

snow report Bansko 19-01-24

Snow getting quite wet and slushy, 18.01.24, Bansko

As of today (19.01, Friday) snow conditions are not at their best, due to the rain from Wednesday night (17.01), which continued falling on Thursday until 1 pm. There was some rain today as well, which made the snow even more wet and slushy. There is new snow cover of around 10 cm, but only above 2000 m. Cannons are also constantly working to produce more and more snow.

New updates are: Tomba slope is open and as from today (19.01) lifts Banderitsa 2 and Plato are working again (they were closed for the past few days due to the stronger winds).

snow report 19-01-2024 bansko traventuria

Foggy and windy, especially in the higher parts of the mountain, 19.01.24, Bansko

Snow Cover

Due to the rain showers over the last three days (including today), at the moment the snow is very wet and heavy and gets very slushy in the afternoons.
The snow cover of Banderishka Polyana is 50 cm. The fresh snow was 5 cm.
The snow cover of Shiligarnik is 55 cm, where the fresh snow was 8 cm.
The snow cover of Plato is 110 cm with fresh snow of 28 cm.
Snow cover of Todorka is 125 cm, with fresh snow of 28 cm as well.

snow report Bansko 19-01-24 traventuria ski

19.01.24, Bansko Ski resort

Open Slopes as of 19.01.24

Bansko, Kolarski, Banderitsa, Plato 1 and 2, Todorka, Stara Pista, Ulen, Tomba, Shiligarnik 2, Ski road 1;

Not open: Balkaniada, Shiligarnik 1, Strazhite, Chalin valog 1 and 2, Ski road 2;

Lifts and Queues

All lifts are currently working except for the Chalin Valog ones (including the Chalin Valog Drag lift) and Tsarna Mogila;
There hasn’t been a long queue for the Gondola in the mornings. The wait is no more than 20 min. There are no queues for the other lifts, either. However, the weekend get busier and the wait could get to 30 min in the morning.

snow report bansko 19-01-24 traventuria ski

No queues for the lifts, Bansko ski resort

Weather Forecast

For the past couple of days the weather was gloomy, foggy and windy especially in the highest parts of the resort. Temperatures on Thursday (18.01) were from -1 to 8 degrees. It was not too cold, but it was windy with wind speed from 1 to 32 km/h depending on the height. Temperatures today (19.01) were from -2 to 6 degrees with spring-like weather. Wind speed was from 2 to 19 km/h. Good news is that all this wind will bring the much awaited winter colder weather for the weekend. Snowfall is expected to start Saturday morning after 8 am with heaviest snowfall for Saturday (20.01) afternoon. There will be freeze-thaw conditions reaching min -10°C on Sunday (21.01) morning. Wind will be generally light with increasing NNW winds on Thu morning.

snow report bansko 19-01-2024 traventuria ski

“Bansko loves you” and we love you, too, Bansko!

Stay tuned

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