Snow Report: January, 13th 2021


Today, the 13th of January, it was another great day to be on the slopes in Bansko! It’s not raining anymore, so it’s time for another snow report!

After the heavy rains in the previous days, most of you were maybe expecting, that the conditions on top have worsened since our last snow report on the 5th of January.

Contrary to expectations, however, one day snowing was enough to form nearly 40 centimeters of new snow on the top. I am happy to report that so far on the top of the mountain, there are 95 centimeters of snow!

bansko slopes report 14/01/2021

Have you ever been inside of a cloud? The feeling on top is amazing! The photo was taken at Platoto Run.

CAUTION: Avalanche danger!

When talking about fresh snow, it’s really important to say that the avalanche danger is much increased. I would love to remained you what experts warn of- there is serious avalanche danger, especially in higher areas! It is forbidden to go outside the slopes and the marked ski areas!

More about avalanche danger and keeping yourself safe you can read here and here!

Have you ever been inside of a cloud? The feeling on top is amazing! The photo was taken at Platoto Run.

The Echmishte area (also known as “Dupkata” and “Chashata”) is one of the most dangerous areas in Pirin.

Ski slopes and lifts

All of the slopes above the top gondola station (except of “Tzarna Mogila” which is non-functional for 10+ years) were working today. The temperatures continue to fall, so we are still expecting that the Ski Road and Chalin Valog 1 and 2 will start functioning soon.

All ski slopes are very well-groomed. The higher you go in the mountain, the better conditions you will get! Lower in the mountain there are small areas where the rain and the low temperatures have turned into icy surfaces. Overall, skiers from all levels can enjoy the mountains: anyone can find their most comfortable spot, according to their abilities.

The Echmishte area (also known as “Dupkata” and “Chashata”) is one of the most dangerous areas in Pirin.

Kolarski is one of the “busiest” slopes.

The first half of January is usually the quietest time of the year in Bansko. The COVID situation makes the resort look even calmer than usual. On the ski slopes, you can see mainly local people, ski instructors who improve their technique and compete with each other, but not many tourists.

The weekends are a bit busier as there are many Bulgarians who arrive from other towns to ski the weekend away.

Kolarski is one of the “busiest” slopes.

The slopes and the chairlifts are really quiet right now! Here we are at the 4-seated Shiligarnik Ski Lift, heading to Platoto Run.

COVID Safety measures

The COVID safety measures are on spot. In my personal opinion, unlike last week, people in the mountain are following the rules. On top, you can take-away food and drinks and the restaurants with an outside area are working!

As many of you are maybe still in lockdown, I am attaching some photos of beautiful Bansko and wish you to be able to enjoy this atmosphere as soon as possible!

Would you take a right turn to black Tomba or a left one to blue Kolarski?

bansko slopes report 13/01/2021

The sight of the empty Platoto is a little scary, but at the same time, it fills me with a lot of energy and desire to spend my days on the slopes!

bansko slopes report 13/01/2021

Have you seen Todorka Ski Run like this?

bansko slopes report 13/01/2021

Winter geometry: Even if it looks upside down, in the mountain everything is right!

bansko slopes report 13/01/2021

We want even more snow!

Stay tuned

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