Snow Report: March 21st, 2021


Winter is coming! This was the motto of the passing week! This snow report will be full of fresh snow photos, a passion for skiing, and hope that the season never ends!

Many trees are fully covered with snow.

Weather conditions & Forecast & Snow Cover

The start of the week was not very promising. Winds tried to occupy the ski zone, slowly closing slope by slope. The windy weather peaked on Wednesday when the speed of the wind on Plato Run was nearly 77 km/h. The gondola management closed the cabin for the day (so it was on Tuesday afternoon). All passionate skiers had the possibility to take a free shuttle bus with their lift pass to Banderishka Meadow. They could have skied down to town or try the runs in the top gondola station area. Not much, but at least the Zone was not completely closed.

Some slopes look so empty!

Thursday on, winds calmed down and gave their way to snow. It’s snowing for three days. The town turns white only now, but in the mountain, the snow accumulates gradually but constantly.

So far, temperatures are quite high: from 0° in town to -4.7°C on Todorka peak. 200 centimeters of snow covers the mountain. But there are spots, where more snow was blown and it’s nearly 250 centimeters at the moment. There is a thick fog in the ski zone. Visibility is not very good.

Around the bars, it’s always much busier!

The forecast predicts some constant snowfalls up to Wednesday morning when it will stop for a while, but it will continue late afternoon for another day.

Weekend skiing

After the news of snow, many locals headed to the resort. Waiting time at the gondola is not much, around 5-10 minutes at its worst. However, there is some waiting time at the chairlifts leading to the top of the mountain (Banderitsa 2 and Plato Lifts), but the slopes that start from that lifts are almost empty! The reason is that everyone is going off-piste, enjoying the fresh powder.

Despite the warnings, our cameraman is one of those, who love going off-piste!

CAUTION: Avalanche danger!

Here is the time to have attention to the avalanche danger! When talking about fresh snow, it is much increased. Please, be careful and don’t go off-piste, especially if you are not prepared with the corresponding equipment and you don’t have some previous experience with fresh snow!

Hopefully, when the snow stops, we will have perfectly groomed slopes!

Runs & Slopes

All of the lifts in the area are working! The slopes above the top gondola station are also open at the moment! One of the sleeves of Chalin Valog Run which was not operating throughout the whole season will be maybe opened for the remaining days until the end of the season.  The constant snowfall is the reason why the slopes are not in the best shape. There are many uneven spots.  In a combination with the limited visibility, beginners can feel quite unsafe on the slopes! Stick to the baby drags and easy blues if you are not feeling good with the conditions at the moment, Another option, of course, is to book your private ski instructor, who will help you improve. BOOK your lesson HERE!

Many kids from the ski clubs in the area are improving their technique on the slopes this season!

COVID-19 safety measures and end of season

This week the resort management announced, that the season will continue as planned until the 11th of April. As maybe some of you already know, Bulgaria imposed patrial lockdown, closing (again) restaurants, schools, kindergartens, and non-food shops with areas over 300 square meters. Luckily, winter resorts do not fall under the ban as skiing is considered low-risked activity.

There is still enough time to book your next ski vacation!

Starting tomorrow, restaurants in hotels will work only like room-service, and normal restaurants can only deliver or give food for takeaway.

We will continue following the situation with the COVID-19 spread and we will try to keep you updated with all changes.

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Bad weather cure

A hidden weapon in the fight with cold weather and some COVID-19 disinfection. We welcome all customers!

Stay tuned

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